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Edexcel (also known since 2013 as Pearson Edexcel) is a British multinational education and examination body formed in 1996 and wholly owned by Pearson plc since 2005. It is the only privately owned examination board in the United Kingdom. Its name is a portmanteau term combining the words education and excellence.


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Subject coordinator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Pearson consists of getting an overwhelming amount of work and getting paid in peanuts. I learnt very quickly that the management have no interest in progressing their internal staff especially men and women of colour. The hardest part of the job was dealing with management pitting coworkers against one and other and dangling the carrot of a potential pay rises over our heads to drive results which end up in staff burnout."

Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for, poor management and structure, HR is less than competent, few job perks and benefits, terrible work/life balance. There is no room for development and employees are completely expendable.NoneAs above in my review"

Call Centre Advisor/ Account Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Awful experience, avoid at all costs The Salford office has a toxic work culture and environment Training is irrelevant to the job you have to perform The managing staff are unfriendly and unwelcomingAverage payPoor Management, toxic environment, unhappy colleagues"

Administrative Processing Operative (Former Employee) says

"Sites difficult to get to if not a car owner and relying on public transport. Job seems to attract international students. Very cold office with AC blowing cold air. Section manager was a good, fair guy."

customer account specialist (Current Employee) says

"on paper this job seems great, rewarding, secure and a place where progression can take place. the truth is, its incestuous, a hive of gossip, and has a mafioso type culture, where "you're in, if you're in" opportunities are given to those who are involved in any one of the companies cliques. the call centre manager breeds a culture where you are praised, rewarded expected to get ahead by any means necessary, by discrediting your peers and pointing out and exploiting their weaknesses. Where the team leaders follow for fear of retribution. a place where your personal life will be used to exploit your weaknesses, and keep you in line."

General Operative (Former Employee) says

"The contract was temporary but the hours (2pm-10pm) didn't allow for any social hours. The pay was great for such a short period. Unfortunately staff's wages were messed up quite often but this was always sorted out."